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Looking For A Truly "Natural" System To Get Girls, Smoothly Attract Them, Connect With Them & Do So Merging Only The Best Social Techniques With The Pure Skills Of A Natural?

Natural Skill + Master "Pick-Up" Technique = The Natural Art of the Pick-Up

Stephen Nash pic "At Last, You Too Can Learn How To Be A Natural With Women Using My Underground System That Merges My Patented, Natural Smoothness With The Best Pick-Up Artist Techniques On The Planet."

From: Stephen Nash (Playboy, of "The Game")
Location: New York, NY

Hey man,

I was unstoppable, and I knew it.

The venue for the night, including all of its women, were mine for the taking. The only question was, who did I want?

When I felt the pulse of the music hit my skin, and the sight through the door of the slinky cocktail dresses, and long, flowing hair, a feeling of both confidence and excitement emerged.

I looked down at the pavement to see my feet, just to remind myself that it truly was "me" who felt this way. I owned the place, and I was not even through the front door yet.

When the bouncer saw me, he quickly ushered me & my wingman through the crowd.

I stood for a moment just before my entrance, and said the two words that anchor me into an optimum social state: "it's on".

When we entered, I smiled (like always), and said "hello" to the first few people we met. "I own the place", I thought, "so I might as well act like it".

We nestled up to the bar and as we waited for our drinks, I surveyed the place:

2 o'clock: 2 guys/2 girls, seem to be on a date;
4 o'clock: 4 girls/1 guy, 2 of the girls were attractive enough to approach;
7 o'clock: 3 girls, 1 of whom was hot;
10 o'clock: Party group, 7 girls/5 guys, with 2 decent hotties;
12 o'clock: 2 girls/1 guy, 1 of whom was the one, the hottest girl in the club.

She was the woman I wanted and now it was time to get her.

For the next hour, I worked the room. I met the party group, sat with them, capturing the attention of the table, and allowing the club to see that I was "the man".

I then chatted with the 3 girls at the bar. They were fun, and I even took them out to the porch, just so my target could see me again, with girls, leading the party.

I left them at the bar, and told them I had to say hello to "a friend". Little did they know that the "she" I was approaching was a woman that I did not know, and that I would spend the rest of the evening with.

I woke up the next morning with "Vanessa" by my side. I gently stroked her hair, to wake her up. I smiled, confirming once again that I had attained the social power that I knew I deserved.

I had blended the best PUA tactics, routines and gimmicks known to man with my own "natural" skills and had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I was "the man", and I knew it.

"Stephen is not only is naturally very good with women, but he also has some expertise and mastery in a couple other areas that augment his success with women. He also helps other guys get these areas handled too. Those areas are style and lifestyle: in other words, building a life that is not only interesting and fulfilling but a life that's interesting to women and that makes you naturally more attractive."

-David DeAngelo, Author of the Book, 'Double Your Dating'

That night was my first night back in New York after my fast exit from "Project Hollywood" nearly 7 years ago.

I was as socially smooth as I was going to get, and that all that was left was to meet that "one" special girl and move on with my life. Now that that has happened, the only thing left to do is to pass on what I’ve learned…

Ever thought you’d hear a Master Pick-Up Artist (PUA) say something this?

"It’s time to move on. Getting girls is something a guy should focus on for a PART of his life. There is more to do in this world than chase women."

That’s right friend, I’m done. No more innovating & no more "pick-up" for me. I’ve met the girl of my dreams, I’ve done my final approach.

Know what else? Once YOU meet the "her" of your dreams, you should move on too.

Here, let me say it again (it's that important):

"Getting girls is something a guy should focus on for a PART of his life. There is more to do in this world than chase women."

BUT, I’ve taken the necessary steps to leave my "style" of natural game in good hands…but more on that in a moment.

You see, before I found "the community", I was actually OK at getting girls. I even had a few hot girlfriends.

I had no idea WHY these girls were into me, nor did any of these relationships LAST ultimately. But, if a woman hit my radar screen, I made it happen.

I was what my buddies in the community call a "natural".

My problem was…I had no idea what I was doing!

More importantly, I could not generate results on demand. She had to come to ME in order for anything to develop.

These relationships had just "happened". And it wasn’t until much, much later that I realized that these women had chosen ME, and I had simply taken what was available.

Sure, I enjoyed the attention and the outcomes, but I began to realize that I was not in charge of what was happening. (The kind of problem most guys think they want to have, but trust me, there are massive drawbacks)

Then along came Natalie who opened my eyes to a whole new level of dating. In fact, this was not dating, this was "game".

She worked me like a spaghetti noodle for months. She would pull me in, showing me a vulnerable side, and then she would push me away by "setting me up with a friend". Then, she’d invite me to a movie, only to follow that up with bringing a guy along.

She was unpredictable, untameable, and way out of my league.

She eventually disappeared into the night and now works for an Eastern-bloc government, in a shady role with the President (seriously).

I had a long way to go, and my next "situation" further amplified that. Again, the girl in question did the chasing and she also did the dumping.

This time it hurt, as I could clearly see that I had been needy & clingy with her. I was a long ways from having the power I wanted to have with women.

But, you know what? This pain led me to make the most profound changes in my life (to date).

I realized that there were women out there who I could be VERY attracted to (like, to the point of not being able to sleep at night), and that THESE were the women I truly wanted to date…

But, I had no idea how to take the bull by the horns and make it happen.

How to GO for what I wanted?


How to ATTRACT women, rather than ACCEPT what came my way?

That’s when good fortune smiled upon me and I found the "pick-up" community. I locked myself in my apartment for a week, poring through everything "pick-up" I could get my hands on. I downloaded every ebook, I listened to hours of audio, I digested every web-board on "seduction".

I started approaching women left and right, and quickly had some great successes. Even though it scared me to death, I realized that ACTION was my ally.

I got closely involved with some of the (now) leaders in the pick-up community: Tyler Durden, Mystery, David DeAngelo, among others.

I got good, and I got good fast.

You see, I had started using these "Pick-Up Artist" (PUA) techniques (things like routines, scripts and other gimmicks – think of them as "training wheels"), experimenting with stuff that guys like Mystery & David D had cleverly analyzed naturals using, with great effect.

My natural skills blended very well with these tactics they developed. I got crazy good, very quickly.

I moved to Project Hollywood (infamously chronicled in "The Game") and I started with a bang.

In the first 24 hours, I had three dates secured and was off & rolling. On my second day, I went home with a woman I met at the local coffee bar.

Project Hollywood

We started doing workshops, and I became a lead instructor with another soon-to-become famous PUA, Tyler Durden. I was having a ball. And I was now - incredibly - teaching other guys how to "pick up" girls!

I had quickly learned how to attract women, no matter how hot she was or difficult the situation. This was what I was looking for, or so I thought...

For example, I remember one night we had a 'Rolling Stone' writer following Tyler and me. He challenged us to "pull".


A "pull" is where you pick-up the girls and take them home on the same night. It’s the ultimate challenge for a PUA.

We were able to do it, though not without some serious hurdles...

In the end, my girl asked me on our way up the hill to Project Hollywood "what just happened, I’ve never seen anything like that before"…

"Wow", I thought, "this shit is fun."

And so it proved to be. I could get phone numbers in 60 seconds, pick-up girls surrounded by 5 dudes, nab the hottest girl in a bar in front of all my watching students and take her home with me.

I had gained the social power that I had always wanted, AND I was showing other guys how its done. Not a bad life at all.

I did this so well that other PUA's came to watch me in action. Neil Strauss, for example, was one guy who learned from my style (he talks all about it in his famous book "The Game").

My natural "game" style was generating a lot of interest from other top-notch PUAs. I was at the top, and loving every minute of it.

Things changed though…as they always do, and I began to long to return to New York and leave behind these rigid and limiting routines and gimmicks.

I kept feeling more and more imprisoned by needing someone else’s words. I wanted to return to my natural ways, but I wanted to take something with me…

That "something" is what I call real skill, and these skills can be learned without the unhealthy, over-dependence upon scripts and routines.

More importantly, I noticed a very disturbing trend amongst the students in the community.

Being a lead instructor for a top “pick-up” training company, I met and worked with a lot of guys that weren’t looking to become "pick-up artists" but who wanted to simply learn how to get girls.

The techniques we were teaching worked – but only for very few guys.

It became clear that most of the guys doing the bootcamps felt uneasy with these routines and gimmicks. Not because they were trying new behaviors, but because these techniques were a poor "fit" for their own personalities and style.

I found myself relating to them, feeling the SAME way. The only difference was that I was GOOD at these gimmicks and they were not.

To understand what I mean here, ask yourself these questions:

- Would you want to go out in the world and parody the routines & gimmicks of some dude you read about on the internet?

- Would you want to dress like some pseudo-psycho-magician all in the hopes of catching the eye of some bar chick?

- Would you want to attract cool, hip, intelligent women by wearing make-up, painted nails and a boa? (Dude, isn't that what girls wear??)

- Would you want to totally abandon your personality, lifestyle and self esteem for ANY reason let alone the faint hope that THAT will attract women?

I discovered that most guys, like me, want their "pick-up" to be natural and to fit their style. They don't want to appear weird or fake.

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

By now, the big PUA forums were buzzing with questions about "naturals" and more and more guys were hoping to get these "naturals" still involved to give them help and guidance.

(Sadly, most of these naturals like Toecutter & Zan no longer visit the forums)

I realized that, as a "natural" schooled in the best PUA techniques, I was in a unique position to help other guys get better with girls.

Don't get me wrong here. Many of the other coaches who teach pick-up are awesome guys, and are really good at getting girls. They were driven to learn how to get good at whatever skills it took to be able to get girls.

They found guys like me - who were naturally successful with women - and they studied what we did and analyzed it. Then, they tried out different techniques until they finally found the success they wanted.

They did this largely on their own (back then, no one talked about this stuff), while naturals like myself did not even really appreciate that other guys had problems getting girls.

These PUAs were different. Most guys suffered in silence, but these decided to take action. They were groundbreakers, for sure. But, they were not the average guy.

Problem is - what works for them does not work for most others.

What they did do, and what we all can truly thank them for, was that they demonstrated that "pick-up" skills can be learned.

Even if you have not naturally discovered a way to get girls, if you currently have no success with women at all - you can still develop these skills and get good at attracting women into your life.

From these pick-up artists I learned that attraction skills can be learned.

Even so, it was glaringly apparent from the guys doing our bootcamps that they were not improving at getting girls. They were objecting that the PUA gimmicks and routines were too artificial and 'out of character' for them to use successfully.

Worse, guys were not learning how to keep the girls they were attracting. Ever notice how many of the 'schooled' PUAs don't have girlfriends? They were becoming shells of their real selves; social robots parroting the latest, greatest routine they had read online.

I began to long to leave Project Hollywood and Los Angeles, and put "pick up" behind me. I put a plan into motion to get back to New York City, and re-enter my real life.

I also longed to be free of the "chains" of routines and gimmicks that our students were complaining about. I wanted to get back to the real world and normal socializing, but with the new "edge" I had learned.

I saw myself as "different" from the other PUA instructors. First, I got involved with the PUA community for the fun of it and to have more success with women. A lot of the guys that were teaching had become involved because they were not successful with women to begin with.

In addition, I realized I was just a regular guy who wanted a serious, long-term relationship with a quality woman. I did not want to remain a Pick-Up Artist.

So I dropped the routines and returned to my natural style, moving back to New York. But, something profound had forever changed in me.

The first night back in New York, I picked up a former Miss Teen USA Finalist and spent the weekend with her.  (Her name was Vanessa, whom you read about before.)

I had naturally developed all of the PUA gimmickry into actual SKILL (as opposed to being dependent upon the routine which demonstrates the skill, see the HUGE difference?).

Underneath each of these powerful tactics lies an actual SKILL that can be used in any/all situations, independent of the script of words.

Take the "Opinion Opener" for example. This is a wildly popular technique used to begin a conversation with a woman, or a group of women. Well, you could repeat the "Jealous Girlfriend" opener 100 times, becoming robotic and boring.

Or, you could simply learn the skill from me and be able to develop unique openers "in the moment". This is the freedom of the Natural Pick-Up Artist (NPUA).

The skills had become a part of my “natural” approach to women. I no longer needed the “script” or routine.

My natural abilities with women plus the pick-up techniques had made me wildly successful. These powerful skills meant I could now attract the women I wanted.

And while I once could never have explained why girls chased me, I now understood how the whole attraction game works and why naturals are so successful.

And, I’ve come to see that only a Natural Pick-Up Artist can enjoy real, lasting success with women.  Specific routines and gimmicks may not work for every guy, but the SKILL underneath them will

I coach guys both my natural skills AND the world’s best “pick-up” techniques blending each into what I call:  The Natural Art of the Pick-Up

No matter how ugly a guy is, how broke, how shy, how old, or how many times he's been rejected in the past - these "Natural PUA" skills will work for him.

“I've been in the PUA community for over 2 years now. I have definitely been, as you so correctly diagnosed it, a "routine addict". I spent hours and hours scanning the web for the cool stuff to say. This brought me ZERO success man. It was very frustrating living in the head-space of "I need something cool to say". Your course filled me with life and energy again for meeting women. Already, I've got four numbers and two dates this weekend AND I got laid last week (first time in a long tim). That's more than easily my best 6 months as a PUA. Dude - Massive Thanks."

St. Paul, MN

And I have proved it - many times over…

For example, I recently led 20 guys through The Natural Art of the Pick-Up (the new program I recently created).  Before releasing this program to the world, I wanted to do a test to confirm that this would be a success with guys of all skill levels. (Tony, above, was one of them)

I showed them how they can use natural skills to get women WITHOUT relying on 'pick-up' tactics and gimmicks. As you can see, they did brilliantly.

Here's what Phil, another student of the program, had to say:

"I entered The Community about a year ago. Like a lot of guys I think, I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked. After a year of trying these techniques, I still could not really approach girls let alone get any to go out with me! What Stephen taught me has meant that I am having way more success with women. When I go out I can approach most girls now-  and usually get some phone numbers. What’s more, I have been able to escalate things and have actually gone on date 2's with several women. And what I am really happy about is that I am now regularly dating two of them ....."

Buffalo, NY

How good do you want to get?

"Attract Skills"
  (out of 10)
Stephen Nash and Mystery
What a Natural Can Teach You What a PUA can teach you What a  Schooled Natural
Can Teach You
Level I
Dependence upon expert (PUA) routines & gimmicks :
SMALL success with girls - can approach, have conversations and get some phone numbers
Level II
Reliance upon your OWN routines & gimmicks  :
Can now get some girls, some of the time. Can get dates  and occassionaly escalate to physical intimacy
Level III
Mastery and total freedom with your own NATURAL skills :
Can now get any girl you want and escalate as far as you want every time. Can keep your girl faithful

I have discovered that a natural can do everything and teach none of it; a PUA can teach some of it and do some of it; but a 'schooled natural' (NPUA) can do all of it and teach all of it!

Underneath the “PUAs” great success with women are some very powerful skills - social skills that will wildly attract women - BUT, no one has taught these to you because they CAN'T.

All they can teach you is routines, gimmicks and fancy sounding "methods" that are unlikely to work for your personality. That means you just have to keep coming back to them for the next, greatest routine or gimmick.

Without natural “pick-up” methods, unskilled guys have no way to develop their own successful style.

That’s because these are social skills that men who are attractive to woman have naturally - but that can't easily be understood just by observing and taking notes.

In other words, these PUAs can't teach you how to fish. Sure, they'll allow you to use THEIR bait, but they just can't show you how to find your own...

Oh, and don’t think you can “pretend” with quality women. It’s completely obvious that any guy who uses someone else’s routines or scripts runs the HUGE risk of being seen as a fake.

I have found time and again that instead of getting creeped out by the bogus routines we were teaching in LA, women are delighted and massively attracted by the SKILLS guys get from my natural pick-up training program.  

These are the skills you'll be able to choose from when you see a woman you'd like to meet...AND you will be able to use them in a way so they present YOU as YOU.

In The Natural Art of the Pick-Up, I lead you step-by-step through the learning curve, teaching you the exact skills you need to meet, attract and connect with the women of your choosing.

So, YES, you will be given "training wheels" like scripts and routines, to get you started.

I will quicky coach you on exactly how to develop your own "wheels" or routines, and then, you will drop these scripts entirely once you've fully understood the underlying skill.

No dependence, no addiction. Just a quick ride through the "learning curve".

This dynamic, powerful, smooth & natural set of social skills, merged from my natural style and my “pick-up” career, is what I am entrusting to you and a few other very fortunate guys.

(I'll break down the exact social skills you're about to learn in a moment.)

Also, so that you know what to do with the new life these social skills will give you, you are going to learn these other naturally powerful dating and lifestyle skills:

  • Dating skills: what makes a great first-date, a great second-date, as well as exactly what you must cover on that first-date to keep her coming back for more

  • Developing a naturally attractive lifestyle

  • Growing a personal style or "look" that is both contemporary and in your budget

  • The grooming musts that all quality women look for

  • Your social circle - how to leverage it so that it helps you meet new women (this is the real "fast track")

  • Want a one-night stand? I'll give you the exact structure that has worked for me from coast-to-coast

  • Living a life of real passion, and how that keeps her interested for the long-term...
  • You're going to learn all the skills for a naturally smooth pick-up, as well as what it takes to make an AWESOME first-date, grow your social circle, personal style & lifestyle, the “one night stand” (don’t worry, your mom isn’t reading this), and how to move beyond "pick-up" into a long-term relationship (if that's what you're looking for).

So, what exactly is The Natural Art of the Pick-Up?

It is a complete program of over 8 hours of audio, and an accompanying 90-page ebook!

The Natural Art of the Pick-up Program

Upon ordering, you will be given 6 separate mp3 audio files and an ebook that you can download immediately.  No waiting around for UPS and FedEx here.  Get moving TODAY through the learning curve of social and dating excellence.

See the blue link below?  Just click that link, fill-in the form on the next page.  Then you will be taken to a unique page (just for you) with a personal message from me, followed by your audio and ebook download links.

From there, all you have to do is LISTEN and READ.  You can put these audio files onto your ipod/iphone or other mp3 player.  You can read the ebook whenever and wherever you want.  Or, just study from the comfort of your home computer.  Whatever works best for you!

Get started digging through my treasure chest of pick up secrets today

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There are 8 hours of audio here, each hour costing you around $12! Frankly, that's a steal.

PLUS, you get the ebook too: 100 pages of pure, natural pick-up technique that is tested, and is guaranteed to work (yes, a guarantee...that's coming next).

Act quickly man.  This is a very unique opportunity you are facing, one that won’t be around forever.  Don't be kicking yourself tomorrow.

Am I willing to back it up with a guarantee?

Well, of course.

I am so completely confident that you're going to LOVE The Natural Art of the Pick-Up, that I'll give you 30 full days to test it out.

So, if you don't like it...I don't get paid.

Just send me an email, and you'll have your $97 back, cool? No resistance.

That's a 30-Day Guarantee...I'm that sure that this program is going to bring you GREAT relief AND success regardless of which stage of social development you currently find yourself.

What EXACTLY will you learn?

  • 13 (count em!) venues/locations which women frequent that are NOT bars/clubs/lounges where they are most likely to have their guard up and be harder to approach. Nope, these locales are ALWAYS stocked with gorgeous, intelligent women and they are probably right around the corner from you.
  • The ideal, rock-solid, unshakeable "mindset" you need to own when approaching women. I'll download this to you within the first 30 minutes. Be prepared for a jolt of power designed to put you in the driver's seat, and get her chasing you quickly.
  • The 5 Rules of Getting Into State. Never be the victim of a 'bad day' or 'low energy' again, and use these five techniques to put you in that optimum-open social state so your interactions always "open" more easily than a can of Coke.
  • Always know if she's interested or not with my list of 25 rock-solid signals women provide when they want you to approach them. Never be in doubt again, and always approach with the certainty that "you're in".
  • Learn about the two-fold "social disease" of passivity that plagues men worldwide, and then follow my simple magic-elixir formula designed to both implant the confidence and social skill structure to lead you out of this weak & needy frame and into a sturdy, lasting, dynamic social confidence.
  • Use my now-renowned 3-part structure to engage any woman, at any time into a conversation. Always know exactly what to say next. This is your new social "spine" which profoundly empowers your social life, and puts you way out in front of the competition. This is true "insider" stuff, that no one else teaches.
  • Do your openers land on women like a brick? Stop seeing women turn and walk away from you, or give you that polite "blow-off" smile and start seeing her open up, laugh & giggle at your initial approach simply by using these 9 topics that always interest women. Never be in doubt about how to open again.
  • I'm going to destroy your excuses for not doing direct approaches on Day 2. Start using my tried-&-true system for directly engaging a woman in conversation with my border-proof (works anywhere around the world) direct technique. Got cojones? You better...
  • Body language secrets for opening the conversation. Your body doesn't lie, and she is reading it like a romance novel from the moment you approach her. You'd better know these secrets for what to do and what not to do upon approach, or you'll be blown out regardless of what you say.
  • Want to know the one attraction-killing miscue that most guys make upon approaching a woman? Well, I'll cover it at length on day II, but here's a hint. If she has to say "Huh?" at all in the first minute, you're cooked like the Thanksgiving turkey bro.
  • Want consistency when doing a direct approach? Then, master this skill which you'll have to use each and every time. She will feel GREAT when you do this correctly, and when she hands you her number, you'll feel great too...Day II.
  • Opinion Openers. I'll give you the house, the boat, the 2-car garage and the satellite dish here. You will know this skill inside & out, upside & down. Not only will I demonstrate three of the greatest ones on the planet for you (which you can then use), but I will lead you through an exercise in developing your OWN. Oh, and I break this extraordinary skill down to its nuts & bolts so that you can be making these up on the spot in about two weeks. Cool? Day II.
  • This "opener" skill is only taught by me. It's the most fun way to approach women, AND, if you do it works ALWAYS. She will be dazzled and impressed with your social acumen, and you will have her laughing from the word "go". This skill forever eliminates the possibility of you ever becoming "just friends" AND it sets a powerful, masculine frame for you from the start. Day II.
  • The 3 knockout social skills which "hook" women into the conversation with you. Use these 3 at the right time, and she will be BOTH attracted and fascinated with you. This "double-barrel" effect causes her to chase. Want to know what it's like to see a beautiful woman pursue YOU...then Day III is for you.
  • How a lite insult can go a LONG way towards building attraction. Merge this insult with a bit of humor, and you've just discovered the most tested and effective social skill known to mankind (no hyperbole, I am dead serious about that). I'll disclose this on Day III. Oh, and if you think it's "negging"...dude, you've been watching too much TV.
  • "Baiting" is the most effective, and controversial technique I teach. Before you call the PC police on me though, just know that it is a subtle, nonmanipulative technique. But, it's effect on a woman and an interaction is akin to an atomic bomb. You owe it to yourself to listen to this section at least 3 times, and memorize my demonstration.
  • Afraid of the spotlight in a conversation with a beautiful woman? Well, once you learn my storytelling skill you will crave it like an addict his cocaine. Most men feel a bit uncomfortable taking space in a conversation. That will forever stop once you "get" how to capture and lead her imagination.
  • Four smooth secrets to forming unshakeable and lasting romantic connections with women. There is an art to this part, but if you can grasp the subtlety to forming these connections, and then learn how to deepen them AT WILL you will have your "pick" each and every Saturday night, while quickly filling your calendar with girlfriend-calibre women whenever you want. Day IV.
  • I uncover a massive gaffe that men make, and I clearly demonstrate both why this error is totally understandable AND why it is SO SIMPLE to fix. This miscue happens during the "connect" phase of the interaction, and if you can smoothly digest this skill, you will have women seeing you as their "destiny" causing them to literally wait by the phone for your call. Day IV.
  • Weed-out the wackos. This is a must for guys who learn even 20% of what I'll teach you in this program. You'll have no time for some women, as they will be unhealthy and unworthy of your time. I'll show you exactly how to tell if she's right or not, and then how to gracefully, yet strongly, shut the door. My motto: No stalkers or crazies!
  • How the way you dress and carry yourself reveals what you really think about yourself to the rest of the world AND how to use that to your advantage by smartly and inexpensively ramping up your wardrobe and personal style so that it is noticed by VERY attractive women virtually everywhere you go. Day VI.
  • Why complimenting a woman's good looks almost never works and instead makes you look like a complete loser. Here's what you should compliment to entice and arouse her interest in you. Day V.
  • The ins & outs of "kino". So - when to DO it and when NOT to do it. Also, how far to go and where to stop. You MUST know how to be good at this skill as it can help you tremendously. Screw it up though...and you become the "creep" at the party.
  • Use this phrase to ask for her number. I rarely insist that you follow a formula, but these words WORK. If it ain't broke...well, you get the point. Eventually, you'll have women handing you their number before you even have to ask. Until then - THESE ARE THE WORDS TO USE. Day V.
  • One of the best places to take a girl on a date - every community has this me...oh, and it aint a church either! Structure your date around this outing, and never be "average" to any woman ever again...and spend less than $20 too. Day VI.
  • 5 keys to finding ‘the look' that's right for you - a step-by-step guide to a personal style that ROCKS. Day VI.
  • The powerful skill of callback humor, and how it is so effective on the phone or in email. Puzzled at how to regenerate the attraction and good feelings from when you first met - this is precisely why I teach this to you on Day V. It instantly puts her back into the open state when you first met.
  • Know every single time if she is ready for a kiss. Seriously - this always works and once you hear me describe it to you, you will see exactly why. It is smooth and comfortable, and will consistently tell you if it's "not yet" or "time" to make the move. Day V.
  • Oh, and while we're talking smooching, I'll tell you exactly HOW to structure your first date so that the kiss is a foregone conclusion. AND, I will teach you why making your move at the end of the date is ordinary and average. Do it differently and sooner, and watch her see YOU as the "prize". Day V.
  • On Day V, I will give you the structure for a "one-night stand". Let's hope you need it, right? It's simple, and completely intuitive. Oh, and it's worked for me over 20 times (2 words: Project Hollywood). Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...I'll show you exactly how to pull-off this often-tricky maneuver on Day V.
  • Dating, Dating, Dating...dude, you're going to learn everything you need to know about making your dates EASY and FUN. Oh, and they will help you ATTRACT her to you. Stop spending 3 bills (read: over $100) on any woman before she's really earned it. Keep your evenings fun, inexpensive and interesting by following my advice in Day V, Cool?
  • There are 3 skills which you will need throughout a date with a woman that will both develop sexual tension while establishing comfort. The guys who get laid do these three things. The guys who hear "I had a nice time, but let's just be friends" don't. Pretty simple. Which camp will you be in?
  • Ever hear of the "grounding" skill? Probably not as it was developed in private at Project Hollywood. Well, I'll reveal this to you in week #5, and you will instantly see why it was held back from the public eye. It's the most sound, solid means of cultivating trust and comfort with a woman. If you've ever wanted to see that "doggy dinner bowl" look from her...then use this skill.
  • I'll pass on to you my secrets for qualifying women, so that you both weed-out the wacko's AND establish yourself as the "prize". Stop supplicating to women (which only turns them off) and start truly screening them leading them to desire you, chase you and work for YOUR attention rather than the inverse.
  • What about a PLAN for learning this? Each audio concludes with an assignment, and at the end of the course I help you plot your course through the learning curve so that your expectations and goals are based in REALITY. Nothing kills your progress more than frustration over results. I've been thru this process, and have led many others thru as well. I know what the process is, and I will lay this out for you in week #6 so that you're always clear that you're "on course".
  • The 3 ways you can "grow" your social circle, and the ONE which is far and away the easiest and swiftest. Stop chasing women, and start having your social circle DO THE WORK FOR YOU. I am serious - beautiful, attractive, intelligent women will start to enter your life without you so much as lifting a finger. This subtle shift in thinking and lifestyle design can literally move a mountain of frustration and failure.
  • How "lifestyle" is the ULTIMATE technique in keeping a woman attracted to you in the long-term. How you live, what you do, and how you do it are VERY important in the eyes of a woman. She will constantly be gauging your integrity based on how you live. I'll lead you through two exercises which both pinpoint your location on the "scale" and instantly show you how to get your arse in gear so that your lifestyle starts working FOR you rather than against. This one is very serious man, and worth the entire program alone.
  • Hear me lead you through my 25 points of fashion & personal style success. Apply these 25 techniques, and start standing out from all the average guys. Your first impression is vitally important in the social-world and through these insider secrets, you will become the "it" guy in the room - the guy who "gets it".
  • There is one action you can take today which will assure long-term success and growth in your social development, and in your skills in attracting beautiful women. Do this one thing, and you will have an energy reserve for at least 6 months to insure dedicated & steady growth towards your goal. Ever start a challenging learning curve, only to stop short of what you truly, deeply desired? Take this action, and insure crossing the finish line.

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